• Sara Larson

God is Good.

On a little island in Georgia, there’s a tiny church called St. Michael’s.

One foggy Tuesday morning in February, a dozen parishioners quietly gather for daily mass.

An elderly gentleman with a southern drawl stops by your pew to pat you on the shoulder and say “Welcome, young lady.”

On the wall beside you, there’s an image of Jesus with piercing eyes that see right into your soul.

A tall priest with a gentle voice welcomes the people with love and familiarity; he notices you, a visitor, and smiles in your direction.

The people join their voices in song. The Immaculate Mary is just as lovely with twelve voices as with a full cathedral choir.

Father Jerry preaches about the goodness of God’s creation, quotes Laudato Si, and reminds the people that they can volunteer to help rebuild the sand dunes on this little island that God made.

These everyday believers greet each other warmly at the sign of peace.

And God shows up - in the prayers of His people, in the Word proclaimed, and always, always in His Body and Blood.

He pours His love over you, quietly, simply, abundantly.

He reminds you that this is the Church too, holy and pure and oh-so-deeply good.

In case you had forgotten.

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