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Listen In: Sara and Meg Talk about the Abuse Crisis on the Hobo for Christ Podcast

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here!

I’m a pretty careful person by nature, trying to approach conversations thoughtfully and choose words judiciously. Wading into the heavy and complicated issues surrounding clerical abuse makes me even more conscious of the need to be careful in my communication. That’s why I like blogging - I can edit everything I write, over and over until it comes out just right.

That’s also why I was nervous when my favorite Catholic blogger/speaker/generally-awesome-person Meg Hunter-Kilmer asked if we could record an episode about the abuse crisis for her “Hobo for Christ” podcast. No chance to edit, correct words, or delete anything stupid I might say. Yikes! But the Holy Spirit is always pushing me into doing things that make me uncomfortable, so I decided to take the plunge. Besides, Meg is kind-of my hero, and I wanted to hear what she would say in our conversation!

Anyway, after listening to the episode a few times and deciding I don’t sound too much like an idiot, I thought I would share with all of you. Meg asks great questions, and the conversation is a good overview of my own journey into this work, my thoughts about the current state of the Church, and my ideas for how we can move forward. It’s a bit more personal than most of what I write on this blog, but if you want to get to know me a little better, you might find it interesting. You’ll also hear us talk about:

  • Whether things in the Church have really gotten better since 2002

  • Why the case of Theodore McCarrick raises hard questions about systemic problems that might still exist in our Church today

  • What it means to love the Church without ignoring the sin and brokenness within it

  • Why it’s so hard to find honest, unbiased reporting about the abuse crisis, plus a few resources Meg and I have found helpful

  • Why anger can be a good, even holy, reaction to the situation in our Church - and how we can work on directing that anger in positive ways

  • What the average lay person can do to be more informed and engaged in this ongoing fight for justice and healing

  • Where I find hope in the midst of this darkness

I hope you will take some time to listen in on the conversation. I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions!

(Also, while you’re adding this episode to your podcast list, I would also invite you to check out the Deliver Us podcast from America Media. It’s one of the best sources I have found for a balanced, well-researched, and honest examination of these issues. Highly recommended.)


“Speak the truth in a million voices. It is silence that kills.”

- Saint Catherine of Siena

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