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Introducing Our New Milwaukee Organization - Awake!

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around the blog over the past few weeks. That’s partly because I have been busy with vacation, hosting out-of-town friends, and spending time with my kids, but also because I’ve been so wrapped up in getting ready for today.

What’s so special about today? Well, today is the day that months of conversation and discernment bear fruit in a new organization we’re launching in Milwaukee - Awake.

Awake is a community of committed Catholics in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee responding to the crisis in our Church. We’re still a work in progress, but I really believe the Holy Spirit is on the move and I’m exited to see what God has in store for us. It’s already been such a gift to pray and plan with a incredible group of thoughtful, faithful Catholics who share my love for the Church and my desire to be engaged in efforts for reform, renewal, and healing.

You can learn all about Awake at our new website

  • If you are an In Spirit and Truth blog subscriber from Milwaukee, hopefully you received an email from Awake introducing this organization and inviting you to be engaged in our movement. (The most important part of that email is the request to fill out a subscription form, so we can learn a little more about our supporters and how they might like to be involved. So, please take a moment to do that today through the link in that email or at the subscribe tab of

  • If you live in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee but did not receive an email from today, check your spam filters. If you don’t find anything there, please let me know! I must have missed adding your email address somehow, and I want to make sure to keep you in the loop. All Milwaukee-specific announcements, invitations, and news will come through Awake, rather than In Spirit and Truth, from now on.

  • If you are not in Milwaukee but are still interested in what Awake is planning here, you are certainly welcome to subscribe as well! You can sign up for emails at and follow us on Facebook at

Of course, if you know any Catholics in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee who might be interested, I would really appreciate you sharing Awake with them. We want to reach as many people as possible and invite them to be engaged. We will have lots of opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference.

Now that Awake has had its official launch, the Awake Leadership Team is starting to plan our next public steps. Please say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide us and make our efforts bear fruit.


Awake Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit.

Stir within us and awaken our hearts. Do not let us be found sleeping when the Bridegroom comes.

We pray for survivors of sexual abuse. May they find justice and healing.

We pray for priests and bishops. May they live out their vocations fruitfully.

We pray for all of us who are your Church. May we find your strength to work for change and your wisdom to discern the right steps.

God of mercy, draw us always deeper into your truth and your love.


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