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Three Ways to Support In Spirit and Truth on #GivingTuesday

It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which means that my inbox and Facebook feed are flooded with requests for donations from what feels like every single organization I have ever supported.

I know it’s a lot to sort through today, so I apologize if this post feels like just another plea on a very overwhelming list. That said, Giving Tuesday does seem like a good day to offer a few ways you can support this ministry if you feel called to do so. (And if you can’t contribute financially, don’t worry - there are other ideas as well!)

Here are three things that would be helpful to me right now:

1) Pledge Financial Support Through My Patreon Account

As I mentioned last month, I recently launched a page on Patreon to offer everyone an opportunity to financially support my work. Between In Spirit and Truth and my local efforts with Awake Milwaukee, I am very busy these days, but all of this work is done on a volunteer basis. My goal is to be able to continue doing this ministry full-time in the new year, and it would really help our family if I could bring in at least a little income in doing so.

You can find more information about how Patreon works and make an online pledge here. Even $5 a month makes a difference! Some predictable monthly income would be nice for our family, but you can also make a one-time contribution if you prefer. (Of course, if you’d rather just send a check in the mail, feel free to reach out via email and I can share my mailing address with you.)

Thank you for considering this!

2) Share In Spirit and Truth With Your Friends, Family, and Fellow Parishioners

As the clergy sexual abuse scandal falls out of the headlines, it becomes even more important that we continue to talk about this issue and make an effort to stay informed about both continued progress and continued problems. The voices of survivors are no less important now than they were in August 2018 when everyone was listening. There is still much work to be done in our Church, and we need more people to be engaged with these issues in an ongoing way if we are going to create real change.

There are many ways to stay informed, but I do hope that In Spirit and Truth can be a valuable part of that equation for more people. Please consider sharing this blog or Facebook page directly with friends and family members who might be interested. This can be as simple as a text, email, or in-person conversation mentioning this as a resource or referencing a particular blog post you’ve found helpful. I hope you will consider posting about In Spirit and Truth on your social media as well. You never know which of your contacts has been profoundly affected by this issue and has been wishing someone else was still talking about it!

Another easy way to invite engagement is to sign and then share Awake’s Open Letter to Survivors, encouraging others to join you in adding their names. This is a good first step for Catholics who aren’t particularly engaged with this issue but do have a sense of compassion for those who have suffered abuse. You can mention In Spirit and Truth at the same time as sharing the letter, as a resource for those who want to go a little deeper.

3) Pray For Me

To be perfectly honest, this work is hard on my spirit. When you pray for survivors and for the healing of our Church, I would be grateful if you would add an intention for me as well.

Please ask God to give me strength, courage, and wisdom. Pray for me to grow in the virtues of humility, prudence, and hope. While you’re at it, pray for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is messy, painful, heart-breaking work, and I need God’s grace to do it well while remaining healthy and whole. Most importantly, please pray that I remain close to Jesus, no matter what.

However you choose to support this work, please know that I am deeply grateful. I feel so blessed to have companions on this journey.

With love,



Saint Francis Xavier, faithful servant of the Lord, pray for us.

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